Invited Talks, Education, Workshops and Employment

Invited Talks/Panel Discussions

TedX-Sydney, Invited speaker and Interactive Tech Display (Plenoptoscope) , June 2018

Watch me share our vision to reduce preventable blindness on the TedX platform to an amazing audience of 5000 people  here

Title: Robotics and AI: Medicine as you may not know it     
The eHealth Expo, June 2018

Allen’s Celebrating Queensland Women panel event, June 2018
Panel Discussion: Sharing insights and experiences of successful women

Palliative Care Nurses Conference, Australia , May 2018
Panel discussion: Importance of being human in designing technologies and services for palliative care

Science Pathways, 2018 – Diversify your Thinking. EMCR forum, April 2018
Panel Discussion: Forging success in interdisciplinary research

Specialist Lecture: National Youth Science Forum , January 2018
Hawken Engineering Building at UQ

Title: Medical and Healthcare Robotics
Thomson Adsett – Future trends in health event, November 2017

Title: Robotics and AI: Medicine as you may not know it     
University of Western Australia, Manning Clark House-Day of Ideas, Theme: Being Human in the Second Machine Age, October 2017

Title: Machine Learning and the Future of Medicine
Australian Medical Association (AMA)  Conference, September 2016

Title: Robotic Surgery -Today and Tomorrow
Australian Medical Association Conference, September 2016

Title: Surgical Robots and ACRV
John F. Welch Technology Centre (JFWTC) , GE, December 2016

Title: Hospitals of the future
Conference – Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, NMIMS university, December 2016


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Applied Science), Queensland University of Technology. Oct 2010 – Dec 2014 Project: Role of Osteocytes in the development and progression of osteoarthritis.
  • Master of Science (Biotechnology & Business), Queensland University of Technology. Feb 2006 – Sep 2007 (GPA – 6.0/7.0)
  • Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology), Bangalore University, Mar 2002 – Apr 2005
  • Principles of Genetic Engineering Certification, St Joseph’s College, Mar 2002 – Feb 2003


  •  Life and Robotics Symposium and Panel discussion – Understanding humanity to inspire robots designed to assist humans, Springer Nature (Oct 2017, Germany) (Invited by Dis/Prof Peter Corke )
  •  Imperial College of London-Hamlyn Winter School on Surgical Imaging and Vision (Nov 2016, London) Focused on both technical and clinical aspects of Surgical Imaging and Vision, with invited lectures, hands-on demonstrations, workshops, and mini-projects (Selected based on competitive application process)
  • QUT Blue-box Innovation Transfer and Commercialisation (6-7 Oct 2011, Mantra Salt, Kingscliff): Workshop in intellectual property management and development from key industry figures and translating research outcomes into products and services. (Selected based on the commercial potential of my PhD project)
  • QUT Bio-design Program – Part of Stanford-India Bio Design Program (28-29 Aug 2014, QUT): Workshop for interdisciplinary team-based learning for medical needs finding and characterisation. To understand the process of invention, prototyping and early stage testing with a reflection on the regulatory framework (Selected based on my research experience in a clinical setting)


  • Advance QLD Research Fellow: Medical and Healthcare Robotics, ARC Centre of Excellence for Robotic Vision,  Queensland University of Technology (Dec 2016 – Dec 2019)
  • Founder Member and Post Doctoral Research Fellow: Medical and Healthcare Robotics, ARC Centre of Excellence for Robotic Vision, Queensland University of Technology: Lead role (along with Prof Roberts and Prof Crawford) in order to start and assist with raising QUT’s strategic initiative in the medical robotics domain; an application area under the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision (October 2014 – Dec 2016)
  • Research Associate: Queensland University of Technology. Project: Segmental bone defects (Feb 2014 – Sept 2014).
  • Post-graduate Research Candidate (PhD): Queensland University of technology. Project: Bone biology in Knee osteoarthritis (October 2010 – December 2014).
  • Research Assistant: Monash University. Project: Testicular Cancer (Aug 2008 – Feb 2010).
  • Technical Specialist – DNA sequencing: Micromon (Jun 2009 – Sep 2009).
  • Molecular biology and Applied Science Tutor and Laboratory Demonstrator: RMIT University and Monash (Aug 2008 – Feb 2010).