Voluntary Work

  • QUT Connector (2015), committed to develop leadership skills, and support initiatives that promote awareness and appreciation of diverse cultures and and actively contribute to building a vibrant campus community.
  • Nominated Peer Leader (2012-2013) for peer programs at QUT, committed to developing graduates who are able to contribute effectively as citizens and leaders in the wider community.
  • Worked in the Equity Section at QUT to develop an organisational culture in the university that values diversity and equal opportunity (2006).
  • Participated in collection of funds for the Prime Minister’s Relief fund (India) for the victims of Earthquake and subsequent Tsunami victims in 2004.
  • Former member of the Art of Living Foundation (Bangalore, India) (2005) working towards the improvement of individuals and societies in rural India. I have played an active role in the 5H program (Home, Health, Hygiene, Human Values and Harmony in Diversity) to create a social transformation among rural communities.