2018 MIT technology Review, Innovators under 35, Asia

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Dr Anjali Jaiprakash featured on Robohub’s annual Ada Lovelace Day “25 women in robotics you need to know about” 

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Dr Anjali Jaiprakash named Queensland 2017 Tall Poppy

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Tall Poppy Science award is aimed to recognize the achievements of Australia’s outstanding  scientific researchers and communicators. Hosted by the Australian Institute of Policy and Science (AIPS) in partnership with the Office of the Queensland Chief Scientist

Prof Jonathan Roberts, Dr Anjali Jaiprakash and Hon Leeanne Enoch at the Tall Poppy Science awards ceremony , August 11, 2017

New class of medical robotics to make keyhole surgery safer, April 11, 2017.

………”unlike current medical imaging tools which can only track the position of bone and medical tools, the new system will combine state-of-the-art miniaturised stereo cameras, 4D ultrasound sensing, and artificial intelligence”…………………. read full article at QUT Media, HealthTimes,                                     Get Healthier, ATSE’s Science Magazine or Campus Morning Mail

Featured Image: (L-R) Prof Ross Crawford, Dr Anjali Jaiprakash, Prof Jonathan Roberts from Queensland University of Technology

Channel 7 Weekend Sunrise – Hospitals of the future, February 5, 2017

(L-R) Val Quinn, Channel 7 tech expert ; Dr Bastian Seidel, President of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and Dr Anjali Jaiprakash, Research Fellow, Medical Robotics, Queensland University of Technology

Engineers Australia Magazine – The rise of the robodoc, September, 2016

……. “We are a long long way from replacing surgeons from robots” …. “The power of human touch cannot be underestimated”….. “Improved medical and surgical outcomes can only be possible through collaboration, innovation and translation. This is possible by providing environments for the industry and university/researchers to work closely” …..

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Channel 10 Scope – Body of Science, August 27, 2016

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Australian first robotically assisted hip replacement operation. Led by Professor Ross Crawford, the new robotic technology was demonstrated to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull at Brisbane’s Holy Spirit Northside Hospital, April 19, 2016.

Copyright Eddie Safarik Photographer 0408 768 082

Professor Ross Crawford along with professorJonathan Roberts and Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Dr Anjali Jaiprakash have written about what’s involved in a robotically assisted hip replacement operation and why robots can benefit patients and surgeons. See their conversation piece here

Had to do it again! for the fun of it! Selfie with PM of Australia Malcom Turnbul


QUT,s Vice-Chancellor Peter Coaldrake smiles after he recommended PM Malcom Turnbul to take a selfie with Dr Anjali Jaiprakash.

A whole new way to scan for malaria, Courier Mail-Qld business Monthly magazine, July 31, 2015.

QUT has humanity’s most significant parasitic disease in its robotic sights.

Professor Jonathan Roberts and Dr Anjali Jaiprakash are together creating a low-cost medical device that uses machine learning and robotic vision to diagnose malaria far more quickly than current methods allow.

QUTC Malaria

A whole new way to scan for malaria. Click on image to read details

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QUT puts low-cost malaria solution in its robotic sights, QUT news, July 13, 2015.

“Unfortunately, getting that early diagnosis is particularly difficult in developing nations,” Dr Jaiprakash said.

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Robotic Vision creates real medical solutions, 2015 QUT Alumni Magazine 

When a surgeon, a roboticist and a biologist collaborate on a shared passion, you can be sure they will create innovative ideas. The field of robotics is evolving rapidly and we are excited by the prospect of applying QUT’s world-leading robotic vision research to solutions that will improve the lives of people across the world while reducing the cost of healthcare.’

Robotics Professor Jonathan Roberts and Biologist Dr Anjali Jaiprakash Medical and Healthcare Robotics,QUT

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Robot assistants to give surgeons a leg-up, The Australian, April 21, 2015


Professor Jonathan Roberts, Professor Ross Crawford and Dr Anjali Jaiprakash are tackling medical issues with simple affordable robotic devices. Pic: Sonja de Sterke. Source: Supplied

Australian researchers are exploring the use of robot assistants to help undertake knee ­arthro­scopies and other minimally invasive surgeries.

The use of robots was expected to slash patient waiting lists, simplify training for new surgeons and prolong their labour-intensive careers.

Queensland University of Technology and the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision are tackling key medical issues with affordable, simple robotic devices.

The project team is made up of orthopedic surgeon Ross Crawford, roboticist Jonathan Roberts and biologist Anjali Jaiprakash.

“It would be a perfect combination of the surgeon’s clinical judgment and the more dexterous and highly precise control abilities of the robot,’’ Dr Jaiprakash said.

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Promoting STEM education: My role as a Young Science Ambassador  



ATSE Young Science Ambassador Anjali Jaiprakash with Laureate Fellow and Distinguished Professor Brian Schmidt at the 2015 CLUNIES ROSS AWARDS


Anjali Jaiprakash at the 2015, Wonder of Extreme Science event at QUT


Young Science Ambassadors at the Wonder of Extreme Science event at QUT this year with Nobel Laureate Professor Brian Schmidt and 2015 Clunie Ross Award recipients


Young Explorers: Dalby South State School Year 6 Students with Wonder of Science co-coordinator and Science Ambassador Anjali Jaiprakash from QUT – June 23, 2015

Meeting PM Modiji at QUT during the G20 Summit, November 14, 2014

Picture made it to TheGaurdian : Narendra Modi: from international pariah to the G20’s political rock star

Made it to the front page of The Australia Centre of Robotic Vision : QUT’s Anjali Jaiprakash from Medical and Health Robotics Group with Indian PM and AgBot

Andrew Mears Tweets with a picture he took : Anjali Jaiprakash & Indian PM Narendra Modi 

Made it to the official Narendra Modi Website : See MP Modi’s visit to Australia in pictures


Anjali Jaiprakash with PM Modi. Picture from TheGaurdian,14 November 2014.

modi website

Anjali Jaiprakash with PM Modiji. Onlookers QUT,s Vice-Chancellor Peter Coaldrake and students at The Cube. Picture from the official Narendra Modi’s Website.










Picture that made it to many newspapers in India


Newspaper clippings from India, 14 November 2014. Most viewed picture with Modi in India.